Temples of District Morena : Project 2011- 12
1. Padhaoli, Siva Temple:
Temple 'A' Of Talao Group

Situated in Padhaoli district Morena not for from Batesara has inside an 18th century Garhi remains of a highly ornate 10th century Siva temple.Originally consisted of sanctum sanctorum and rangamandapa which is totally obliterated except the ornately decorated rangamandapa and the porch of this temple have survived with ornate pillars carrying architraves and ceilings, well decorated with figural friezes and decorative ornaments. The temple faces east, built over a considerably raised adhisthana. The temple might have been dedicated to lord Siva as evident from the huge Nandi noticed from the ruins. The front mukhamandapa supported by two full sized bhadraka pillars with the entrance marked by chandrasila. Once we entered the mahamandapa or rangamandapa which is fully intact and supported by misraka pillars and the utkshipta-vitana. The rangamandapa with six pillars and the façade with kakshasana balustrade with elephant heads projecting from the bases of the 16 numbers of dwarf pillars overlying the asanapatta. Thus total 24 pillars noticed in the mandapa. The pillars and dwarf pillars are decocted with bands of kirtimukhas, ghatapallava and floral designs capped by a square ribbed capital and kumara bracket.

The entire mandapa ceilings and architraves of the interior are exquisitely carved and decorated with rows of figures two to four depicting scenes of various events of the Ramayanas, Mahabharata, and Puranas. The Brahmanical deities viz., Surya-Narayan, Vishnu, Siva, Kalyana-Sundara murti, Vinayaka,etc,.are also depicted. The other scenes like Gur-Sisya, Sura-Sundaris, Vidhyadharas, Gandharvas, amorous couples, musicians, are noteworthy to be mentioned. The warriors, are some of them showed in foreign face and dress, and the entire ceilings are decorated with coffered and cusped designs of high quality and richness undoubtedly one of the best example for the medieval style of Kachchhapaghata art.